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Bobcat on a Limb Mount

Student Kevin Norman from Utah mounted this nice life size Bobcat



The above video explains how to choose poses, turns and custom display options for Whitetail Deer.
Click the icons in the screen to play and enlarge the video screen. Enjoy!


About the Second Nature School of Taxidermy Course Curriculum


  • Measuring
  • Skinning and fleshing
  • Proper form selection
  • Mounting techniques
  • Base making
  • Finishing
  • Local and Federal bird laws


  • Measuring
  • Skinning and fleshing
  • Form selection
  • Form alterations
  • Mounting
  • Finishing
  • Airbrush painting
  • Pedestal bases
  • Competition techniques


  • Proper skinning
  • Proper form selection
  • Mounting techniques
  • Open mouth work
  • Base making
  • Finishing
  • Airbrush painting


  • Selecting the right reproduction
  • Using watercolor pencils
  • Using powder paints
  • Airbrush painting
  • Displaying your fish
  • Artificial water


  • Advertising and promotion
  • Pricing your work
  • Shop design and layout
  • Proper licensing
  • Tanning (includes field trip to local commercial tannery)
  • Federal bird regulations
  • Keeping books
  • Recommended trade journals
  • List of suppliers
  • Crating and shipping
  • Special effects








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