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Bill Dishman started his commercial taxidermy business, Second Nature Taxidermy, on the Blackfoot River in 1993. Four years later at the same location, Second Nature School of Taxidermy began.
Bill's passion for taxidermy started as a self taught taxidermist in the late 1980's. In 1993 he decided to attend taxidermy school to learn the latest techniques. Since Bill had previous experience in taxidermy, he was hired by the school after graduation to help teach their classes. That was the beginning of his interest in teaching.

Terry Dishman has always had a love for the outdoors that started with summers fishing the areas lakes and streams. Taxidermy was something that she initially didn't consider as a career, but after she and Bill were married, she quickly developed an interest in, and a talent for, the art of taxidermy.
Together, Bill and Terry have a combined total of 25 years experience in teaching taxidermy. Each have their own areas of expertise. Bill's being large life size animals, base making and fish and Terry's being game heads, small life size animals and habitat construction.
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